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Get Tabernanthe Iboga Roots Extract gotten from more than twenty years old Iboga trees. From the Bwiti Region of its origin, we shipped to your doorsteps in 3 to 5 days.

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Also, experience the iboga healing process through self-medication and with natural iboga extracts from West Africa. 

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However, get free care, and non-judgmental support before, during, and after your treatment

Other Psychedelics

Voacanga Africana

The Voacanga tree is a small evergreen shrub with flowers. Its seeds are known for their stimulating, aphrodisiac, and psychedelic effects

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Iboga is making headlines around the world, from ibogaine legality to psychedelic treatment for addiction and depression. To buy ibogaine, get all the latest news and articles related to iboga and ibogaine. 

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We have a standby support team just to respond to your Inquiries based on which iboga product best suits  your past health conditions, and to give you prescribe guidelines to follow


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At Buy ibogaine, you don’t only get a fast delivery services, you also enjoy a free consultation on how to use Iboga or Ibogaine

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