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5 things to expect after taking Voacanga



Voacanga Africana is a powerful medicinal herb that can provide a host of health benefits. 

Many people are familiar with its use as a psychedelic drug and are hesitant to try it out for fear of hallucinating or feeling overwhelmed by the experience. 

However, there is a difference between using this herb in small doses for therapeutic purposes and taking large quantities just for fun. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what you can expect from taking Voacanga Africana, both good and bad.


Table of Contents

1. An unexpected boost of energy

One of the first, and most unexpected side effects of Voacanga is an increase in energy. This happens for a variety of reasons:

  • Voacanga has a stimulatory effect on the central nervous system. This means it can make you feel more awake and aware, even if it doesn’t necessarily change your body temperature or heart rate.
  • The increased mobility afforded by Voacanga’s effect on serotonin levels may also be responsible for this boost in energy levels. Serotonin is known for increasing feelings of well-being and happiness; as such, improved serotonin activity may lead to higher moods as well as more physical activity (since serotonin also helps regulate sleep patterns).


2. A calm & relaxed feeling

You may experience a sense of calm and relaxation after taking this herb. 

This can be helpful for those who suffer from depression or anxiety, as it will help you feel more relaxed and less tense. 

You may also find that you sleep better at night, as the herb has sedative properties. 

If you have chronic pain, it may be possible to lessen your dependency on painkillers by taking this herb instead.

A feeling of euphoria is another common side effect of Voacanga seeds; however, this effect differs from person to person depending on dosage levels and other factors such as genetics or current medication conditions (for example alcohol).

Some people do not enjoy this side effect because they feel dizzy when using these herbs (this can be avoided by using small doses first). 

However, if taken correctly in low doses then the benefits outweigh any potential negative effects associated with this type of herbal remedy for treating various health conditions such as depression/anxiety disorders or sleep disorders related problems.”


3. Clarity and focus

When it comes to focusing, you have a choice. You can either get things done, learn new skills, or develop as a person. 

Or you can procrastinate. When it comes to activity that requires focus, people often find themselves in one of these two camps:

  • People who prioritize their minds over their bodies and take the time to focus on what they need to do before doing anything else
  • People who prioritize their bodies over their minds and spend more time exercising than actually accomplishing things

Doing anything well requires focus. If you’re trying to become an athlete, learn a new language, or be successful at work, then having good mental clarity is essential.


4. Feelings of positivity and euphoria

You’ll probably experience feelings of positivity and euphoria. You may laugh more, talk about things you haven’t talked about for years, or just generally feel lighter than usual. 

While this might be a nice change in mood after dealing with anxiety or depression, it’s important to note that it’s not always easy to tell when something is too much. 

If you feel like your positive feelings are getting out of control (for example, if they’re interfering with your daily life), talk to someone who knows what they’re doing before taking any more Voacanga Africana.


5. A healthy dose of empathy

In addition to the other benefits you will experience when taking Voacanga, one of the most remarkable results is that it enhances your empathy. 

When someone has difficulty working through their emotions or expressing themselves healthily, this can be challenging for them and those around them. 

However, when you take Voacanga Africana it can help you better understand others’ feelings and allow yourself to feel what they are feeling so that you can offer support in a more effective manner.

In order for this kind of interaction between people to happen though, both parties must be willing participants

—so if someone isn’t ready for such an emotional exchange just yet (or ever), then no matter how much empathy there is between them it won’t necessarily change anything. 

But if both parties are ready for such deep communication with each other then this is definitely something worth looking into further!


SUMMARY: Voacanga Africana is a powerful medicinal herb that provides a host of benefits

Voacanga Africana is a powerful medicinal herb that provides a host of benefits, but it is important to read up on it beforehand.

Voacanga Africana, also known as African dream root, is a root used by many indigenous tribal people in Africa as an entheogen. 

In other words, it was used for religious purposes and ceremonies due to its ability to alter consciousness and produce visions. 

While the effects can be strong and intense, there are some precautions you should take before using this herb:



Voacanga Africana is a wonderful, powerful medicinal herb that can provide many benefits. 

However, it’s important to read up on it beforehand and be prepared for the effects of this powerful plant before taking it. 

Above all else, remember that your body and mind need time to recover from any type of drug use—even one as natural as this! 

Also note that if you are taking other medications or supplements alongside voacanga Africana powder (or even if you aren’t), please speak with your doctor before deciding whether or not this herb is right for you.


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