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7 Life Skills You’ll Learn in Recovery



And as it turns out, getting sober isn’t just about “not drinking” any more than just not smoking means that you aren’t addicted to nicotine! 

Recovery involves learning new skills and changing bad habits and seven lessons can help you stay on track in your recovery.


Table of Contents

1. How to change habits

Habits are a part of life. You can’t get through your day without them. However, most people have negative habits that keep them from living the life they want to live.

But change is possible! You can change your habits by changing your environment, changing your routine, and thinking differently about things. So how do you go about getting rid of an unwanted habit? There are several steps to consider among many but the first is;


Change Your Environment

You might not realize it but our environment plays a huge role in what we do and how we act. 

If you work at a job that doesn’t motivate or inspire you then chances are good that when you get home at night all you’ll want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV while eating junk food (and if this sounds like something familiar then try putting down those chips!). 

On the other hand, if there were things around like bookshelves filled with books on personal growth or meditation CDs playing softly in the background then chances are good that when getting home from work instead of turning on Netflix immediately after coming through the door number one there would be another plan instead!


2. How to live in the present

The idea of living in the present is a common theme among recovery programs. In recovery, it’s important to learn how to be more aware of everyday life and your surroundings as well as your thoughts and feelings. 

This can help you be more mindful about what’s going on around you so that you don’t get caught up in worrying about the past or future. 

Being able to live fully in the moment will help keep you grounded regardless of what else may happen around you.


3. How to identify your feelings

You’ll be taught about the power of identifying your feelings. You’ll learn how to understand your emotions and what causes them, so you can express them appropriately and manage them effectively. 

This skill will help you process positive and negative emotions in a healthy way that’s beneficial for you and those around you.

You may be surprised by how much this life skill can improve many other aspects of your life, including:

  • Your relationships with friends, family members, or co-workers
  • Your ability to handle stress at home or work
  • The quality of time spent alone.


4. How to be honest with yourself

Learning how to be honest with yourself is one of the most important life skills you can develop in recovery. It’s also one of the hardest! 

But it’s worth it because when you’re able, to be honest with your thoughts and feelings, there’s no room left for negative emotions like guilt and shame. 

When you’re able, to be honest with yourself, you can finally let go of all that negativity that was weighing down on your mind.

Imagine if everything in your life was exactly as it should be. Imagine if everything was working out perfectly for you, you had money flowing into every bank account, every friendship was harmonious and fulfilling, and every relationship successful and healthy, this might sound like a fantasy world pulled from an old Disney movie or fairy tale book (which is probably where most people would say “But this isn’t real!”). 

But guess what? In recovery from addiction or mental illness, this magical world becomes possible! 

Just think about those times when things have been going well for us: these are usually moments where we’ve been honest with ourselves about what our needs are (or aren’t). 

And when we take care of ourselves by acknowledging our own needs as a priority over others, we feel good; we feel fulfilled; we feel happy!


5. How to become more mindful

As you become more mindful, you’ll notice that your thoughts and emotions are constantly changing. You might be feeling happy one moment and then sad the next. 

These feelings are normal and part of the human experience the goal is not to avoid them but rather to accept them as they come.

When you see that a particular thought or feeling has arisen, treat it like an itch: let it pass through without giving into it or judging yourself for having that feeling in the first place. 

By learning to be aware of what’s happening around us without being distracted by our minds, we can make better decisions about how we live our lives!


6. How to create a support system

You’ll also learn the importance of having a support system in recovery. Whether you have family, friends, or other people in your life who are rooting for you, it’s important to rely on them when things get tough.

Support systems can also be helpful if you don’t have someone close by who is willing to support you through recovery. 

Support groups exist all over the country and online so that it doesn’t matter where in the world someone lives, they can find others going through similar experiences as them and connect with them without having to leave their hometown or house!


7. How to develop confidence and self-esteem

The most essential life skill you can develop in recovery is confidence and self-esteem. You’ll learn to be more accepting of yourself, more forgiving of yourself, and more patient with yourself. 

You’ll also develop a positive attitude that is centered on growth instead of perfectionism.

Your confidence will grow as you begin living a sober life and taking care of your body by eating right, exercising regularly (or at least moving every day), and sleeping well—all things that contribute to overall health. 

With this improved health comes an increase in energy levels, which helps with everything from better focusing on tasks at hand to taking on new challenges without feeling overwhelmed.

When we’re young we often hear the motto “fake it till you make it”, but we tend not to take it seriously because we don’t want anyone to think we’re full of ourselves! 

But faking confidence before having earned it can help build self-esteem over time if done correctly–and when done correctly means starting small so that failure isn’t scary or overwhelming but rather just part of the process toward success!


Additionally: Here you can learn life skills that will help you stay sober.

  • Learning how to identify, manage and recover from addictive behaviors is crucial. If you’re struggling with addiction, it can be tough to recognize which behaviors are causing your problems. The more aware you become of your patterns and triggers, the easier it will be to avoid harmful activities.
  • Learning how to cope with stress can help prevent relapse. Stress is a huge trigger for many people who struggle with addiction—and learning healthy ways of managing your stress levels can keep you on track in recovery! For example, yoga classes or mindfulness meditation could be excellent practices for managing stress daily.
  • Learning social skills will help keep you sober and make new friends too! In recovery, having positive relationships with others is an essential part of staying sober because they can encourage you when things get hard (which they will). Having supportive friends will also give us something positive besides substance use in our lives something we want instead of just trying another substance again because we feel unhappy or bored without having anything else going on in our lives right now.


The best way to learn these skills is by practicing them. You’ll never get better at anything if you don’t practice, so start today! 

Be mindful of every little thing that happens in your life and try to see it as an opportunity for growth. Take a deep breath and realize that everything will be alright; we promise!


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