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Voacanga Africana is a tree native to Africa, and the seeds of this plant have been used by locals for centuries as an herbal remedy. 

However, they are only recently gained popularity in the West as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that treat anxiety, stress, and depression. 

The Voacanga Africana seeds come in powder form and can be added to water or tea for consumption.


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Voacanga Africana Seeds

Voacanga Africana seeds are used in traditional medicine and as a hallucinogen. 

They are also known by the names African Dream Root, African Dreaming Tree, African Turnip Tree, Bushman’s Grass, and Bushman’s Tea.

The Voacanga Africana tree grows wild in Africa, but it’s also cultivated by farmers. The plant is quite easy to grow and adapts well to different climates. 

It requires very little fertilizer or care once established but will thrive on organic compost if you prefer not to use chemical fertilizers on your plants.

The leaves from this tree can be used fresh or dried for tea-making purposes; its root bark can be powdered and smoked; 

it’s also possible to make a tincture out of them! You can buy voacanga Africana seeds online here:


Voacanga Africana is a rainforest tree native to Central and West Africa

Voacanga Africana is a rainforest tree native to Central and West Africa. 

The bark of the Voacanga Africana tree is used in traditional medicine and also as a hallucinogen. You can buy voacanga seeds online.

Voacanga Africana was first described by Carl Sigismund Kunth in 1821, who called it “Mimosa Africana”. 

In 1845, Desfontaines transferred it to the genus Voacanga (then spelled “Vouacangé”), whereupon it became known as Voacanga Africana.

The plant has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and effects on the nervous system.


Buy Voacanga Africana in UK

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There are many benefits to buying voacanga Africana online in the UK

There are benefits to buying voacanga online when you are in the UK. Firstly, your order arrives quickly, you know it is good quality, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of going out to find the product you need. 

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One of the best reasons to buy voacanga Africana seeds online in the UK is that you can do it fast and cheap. 

Whether you have an urgent need for this product or are just looking for a way to save money on your purchase, purchasing Voacanga Africana seeds online is an excellent option. 

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Buy Voacanga Africana Seeds Online

Voacanga Africana seeds are the seeds of a plant that grows in Africa. They have been used for centuries by indigenous African tribes to treat various conditions, including diarrhea and dysentery. 

However, this is not their only use as they also have a history of being used for mental health purposes. In fact, many people claim that Voacanga Africana can help you overcome addiction or even depression. 

The truth is that it does not work for everyone but there is some evidence to support its effectiveness in these areas. 

We are here to review these claims and give you an overview of what you need to know before buying Voacanga African seeds online (or offline).

The first thing we should mention when discussing this topic is legality. Because it has psychoactive effects on humans and animals alike, it may be illegal where you live so make sure you check your local laws before purchasing any kind of substance online!


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In this blog post, we have tried to provide all the information that is required for buying Voacanga Africana seeds online. 

We hope this has been helpful for those who want to buy these wonderful plants but were not sure how to go about doing so! 

If there is anything else that anyone wants to know about these plants or how they can grow successfully, please let us know in the comments below.


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