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Drug Testing Your Teenager: Is it Right?



Your teenager is growing up fast, and you’re probably already thinking about their future. 

You want them to be safe and healthy, but there are always worries that come along with raising a young adult. 

One thing that many parents worry about is the possibility of drug use or abuse by their teenagers. 

While it’s natural to have these fears, it’s important not to jump to conclusions when it comes to your child’s behavior. 

Instead, try taking a step back and looking at the situation objectively: Is something wrong with your child? Or do they need more parental guidance? 

By establishing an open line of communication with your teen before any problems arise (and thereby gaining insight into what might be influencing their behavior), you can address issues before they get out of hand all while maintaining trust between parent and child.

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Signs a Teen May be Using Drugs

You can also consider other things that may indicate your teen is using drugs. These include:

  • Changes in behavior, such as being more secretive or irritable
  • Wearing the same clothes day after day
  • Changes in sleeping patterns, such as staying up late or having trouble getting up in the morning
  • Changes in eating habits, such as skipping meals or eating more than usual (especially when they aren’t hungry)
  • Changes in hygiene and appearance, like not caring about personal hygiene and looking disheveled.


Reasons to Drug Test Your Teenager

There are many reasons to drug test your teenager. You may want to know if your teenager is using drugs, or you may want to help them find an effective treatment for their addiction. 

You may also be concerned about the safety of the people around you and want to ensure they’re not at risk of overdosing.

There are many reasons why parents choose to drug test their teens, but no matter what the reason is, you must understand what it means for your family before deciding whether or not to go through with this process.


How to Drug Test a Teen

How do you decide if it’s a good idea to drug test your teenager?

The first step is to determine what you’re looking for. Do you suspect that your child has been using drugs and alcohol, or is just curious about the topic? 

The answer will determine the type of drug testing kit that you choose.

If you’re looking to test whether or not your teen has used drugs in the past, then a urine-based kit may be more appropriate than one that tests hair follicles. 

If they’ve never used any illicit substances before but are curious about how they can tell if someone else has been smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol, then hair follicle testing may be best because it shows both recent and long-term use.

However, if there are signs someone might be struggling with addiction issues (such as unexplained absences from class), home kits may not suffice as they can’t detect synthetic options such as prescription pills, inhalants like glue or paint thinner/solvents which come in liquid form (cocaine snorted through nose/throat doesn’t show up on mouth swabs either). 

In these cases where parents are concerned their child might have an issue with substance abuse but don’t know how far along in the recovery process he or she currently stands-it’s helpful for them to consult professionals who specialize in this area.”


Create an Environment for Communication About Drugs and Alcohol

Talking about drugs and alcohol is essential. It’s also scary, but you’ll want to avoid scaring your teen out of talking with you because it’s the only way they can learn from their mistakes—and they will make mistakes. 

You mustn’t use scare tactics or guilt trips when discussing these topics with your child, as this will likely damage the relationship between parent and child in a way that makes communicating even more difficult later on.

Instead, focus on open communication between yourself and your teen. Be sure to use a non-judgmental tone when talking about drugs or alcohol; try not to adopt an accusatory attitude toward the substance (or toward those who indulge). 

Don’t talk about these issues from an adult perspective—talk from an adolescent point of view. 

For example, instead of saying “don’t drink,” say “don’t use alcohol.” This phrase is less threatening than simply saying “don’t drink,” because it doesn’t imply that drinking is bad; it only implies that alcohol has been misused by others in certain settings (such as school) at certain times (such as during class). 

Additionally, using this phrase helps remind teens that there are appropriate ways for young people to consume alcohol responsibly; if they know there are such settings out there (e.g., events hosted by their peers), they may feel more comfortable attending them themselves without feeling pressure from parents or teachers alike!


Learn why it's important to drug test your teenager and what are the best drug testing kits in the market

Drugs and alcohol are big problems in the United States. Drug testing kits can help you create an environment where your teenager will feel comfortable talking to you about their drug use. 

Drug testing kits are easy to use and provide accurate results, so they’re a perfect way to test your teenager’s drug use.

Here are some reasons why it’s important for parents to drug test their teenagers:

  • Drug testing kits give parents the ability to monitor their teenager’s behavior when it comes to drugs and alcohol, which can help them prevent negative consequences later on down the line by knowing when something is going wrong before any serious problems arise.
  • Marijuana is legal for recreational purposes throughout many states now, but this does not mean that it’s safe for teenagers who haven’t reached the legal age yet (21). Parents should still take steps towards preventing them from using marijuana because research shows that marijuana can lead teens into harder drugs like cocaine or heroin later on in their lives if they get started early enough!


There are a lot of pros and cons to drug testing your teenager.

The decision to drug test your teen is yours alone, but we believe it should be an informed decision based on careful research, rather than fear or emotion.

Everyone has different views on the topic, but hopefully, this article will offer insight into what can be done when deciding whether or not to test your teen for drugs. 

If you have any questions about general drug testing, please feel free to reach out!


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