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How Are Mental Health and Addiction-Related (and Why)



If you have a mental health disorder or addiction, it’s normal to feel confused about how these two issues interact with one another. 

That’s because in many cases, the two conditions are intertwined: The use of substances can cause mental health disorders, and continued drug use can exacerbate symptoms of pre-existing conditions. 

Because both conditions are difficult to treat, it’s important for people suffering from either issue to understand how they relate to one another so that they can get help and begin on the road to recovery.


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A mental health disorder can contribute to addiction

There are several ways that mental health disorders can contribute to addiction. A mental illness can make it more difficult for a person to quit using drugs or alcohol. 

For example, depression and anxiety may cause people to turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with these feelings.

Additionally, some people start abusing drugs to cope with the symptoms of their disorder

—for example, they may use marijuana because it helps them sleep better at night or drink alcohol so they don’t feel so anxious when they’re around other people. 

In these cases, the person’s drug abuse can be caused by their mental illness rather than vice versa.


Continued substance abuse can lead to mental health disorders

  • Mental health disorders can lead to addiction.
  • Addiction can cause mental health disorders.
  • Mental health disorders can result from drug use and addiction.

While there is no concrete evidence that addiction causes mental health issues, it’s important to note that most people with addictions also have other co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, or stress. 

This is true for alcoholics and addicts who use drugs like cocaine or heroin.


Drug use may mask symptoms of a mental health disorder

You may have heard that drugs can be used to manage anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress. 

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how someone who uses drugs might not think they have a problem with substance use. 

They are using the drug because they think it’s helping them deal with their mental health issues

But they don’t realize that the drugs are also causing other problems.

Drugs don’t fix underlying issues; they cover up symptoms temporarily while making the overall situation worse over time. 

This means that if you use drugs to self-medicate your mental health symptoms rather than seeking professional treatment, you’re unlikely to ever address those underlying issues.


Mental health and addiction are each equally difficult to overcome, but they can both be treated in the same place

  • Mental health and addiction are each equally difficult to overcome, but they can both be treated in the same place.
  • You can be treated for mental health issues at a hospital or an inpatient facility. The same is true for addiction treatment.
  • If you are looking for mental health care, it’s best to find out whether your insurance covers it before you go ahead with treatment. This way you won’t have any surprises when they bill your insurance company.


Mental health and addiction are two separate conditions that can cause one another

Because of this, it’s essential for people who suffer from either condition to seek treatment in the same place. 

When you go to a mental health facility for treatment, you’ll likely meet with a psychiatrist and psychologist who will discuss your mental health needs and any other issues that may be affecting your life (such as substance use). 

Treatment plans at these facilities often include medication management along with individual therapy sessions or group therapy sessions.

If you’re struggling with addiction-related disorders, treatment is likely to involve medications that help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms while also providing support through counseling services. 

You might also consider attending AA meetings or OA meetings if those are available near where you live or work

—these types of programs are especially helpful because they provide support from others who are going through similar experiences.

Mental health is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention in our society, and the connection between mental health disorders and addiction is rarely discussed. 

We hope this article helped you understand how these conditions intersect, what they mean for your loved ones, and how treatment centers can help. 

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