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Iboga Root Barks (1kg)


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Buy Iboga Root Bark 1kg

In our Iboga shop, the Iboga root barks for sale consist of Sun-dried vertical shavings from the roots of +20-year-old Tabernanthe Iboga trees. These barks have an estimated 95% Ibogaine composition. Under product state, choose iboga root bark powder if you want it to come in a powder state or the iboga shavings.

It appears as brownish-yellow root barks. You can grind it into Iboga root bark powder. Remember to store it dry and sealed.

Our Iboga Root Barks:

  • Sun-dried vertical shavings
  • Gotten From +20 years old Tabernanthe iboga trees
  • Estimated 95% of ibogaine when extracted.

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Origin: Central African rainforest

Cultivars: LJS Group








Additional information

Weight1000 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 20 cm
Product State

Iboga root bark powder, Iboga root bark shavings


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