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Ibogaine HCl (2grams)

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Weight: 2 Grams
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Ibogaine HCL For Sale 

The ibogaine HCL for sale in our iboga shop is Pure Ibogaine HCL extracted from Tabernanthe iboga root bark. Our ibogaine is extracted as a white powder. However, we dry it to a brown color prior to shipping to ensure it is not rejected, due to the stigma associated with white powder. Our Ibogaine HCl is composed of 95.9 % Ibogaine and is one of the most potent available.

Our Ibogaine HCL :

  • Pure Ibogaine HCl extracted from Tabernanthe Iboga
  • Composed of 95.9 % Ibogaine
  • HCl appears as a brown powder rather than white


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Weight 2 g


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