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Iboga Root Barks (150g)


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Weight: 150 Grams
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Buy Quality iboga root bark 150g

The iboga root barks for sale in our iboga shop are composed of Sun-dried vertical shavings of Iboga root barks, gotten From +20 years old Tabernanthe iboga trees with an estimated 95% ibogaine composition. Under product state, choose iboga root bark powder if you want it to come in a powder state or the iboga shavings.

It appears as brownish-yellow root barks. It can be ground into iboga root barks powder. It should be stored dry and sealed.

Our Iboga Root Barks:

  • Sun-dried vertical shavings
  • Gotten From +20 years old Tabernanthe iboga trees
  • Estimated 95% of ibogaine when extracted.

Ibogaine, the active compound found in the iboga root bark, has been observed in preliminary research and anecdotal reports to offer potential benefits, particularly in psychotherapy and addiction treatment.

  1. Psychotherapeutic Use: Some users report profound psychological insights and the release of repressed memories during the ibogaine “trip,” which could potentially be beneficial in psychotherapy for working through unresolved emotional traumas and issues.
  2. Addiction Treatment: There’s evidence that ibogaine can interrupt the cycle of drug dependency, especially with substances like opioids. Some people who have taken ibogaine for addiction report a reduction in withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It’s theorized that ibogaine “resets” the brain’s addiction pathways, helping individuals to overcome substance dependency.
  3. Depression Treatment: Anecdotal evidence suggests that ibogaine could help alleviate symptoms of depression. It’s thought that ibogaine’s influence on various neurotransmitters, including serotonin, could lead to an elevated mood and decreased feelings of depression.

Iboga, specifically Tabernanthe iboga, is a plant that’s native to Central Africa and has been used for centuries by indigenous people, particularly in Gabon, for ritualistic and medicinal purposes.






Additional information

Weight 150 g
Product State

Iboga root bark powder, Iboga root bark shavings


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