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Shipping and Delivery

Worldwide Shipping

We are proud to offer international shipping services for all our Iboga products. 


We are not responsible for any custom fees or taxes once the items have shipped to your local country. By purchasing ibogaine from us, you consent that the packages(products) may be shipped to you and get custom fees when they arrive in your country.

Shipping Time

We always advise customers to go for fast shipping when buying on To that effect, we use DHL whose shipping time is within 3 – 7 days.

For customers who know about EMS, we have canceled that option and only ship through DHL. Though it’s cheaper, its inconveniences and delays based on customer feedback have made us prefer DHL as the most satisfactory for shipping and delivery of products on time. DHL issues a tracking number for its clients, which means the parcel is traceable. It also enables customers to track their parcels online.

Shipping Cost

Shipping varies with the quantity to be purchased. These are our shipping charges:

  0kg  – 0.5 kg
0.5- 1kg

Shipment Tracking

When your iboga type has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. It is your responsibility to follow up on the instructions regarding tracking and delivery.

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