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The Meaning of Sober October & Tips for Living Sober Beyond October



To be sober for over a year, to be honest: It’s not easy. There are always temptations around you to drink, and even though you are used to those temptations by now, it’s still hard not to give in. 

That said, I think that sobriety is worth it—not only because I feel better overall when I’m sober but also because of how much more energy I have.


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What is Sober October?

Sober October is a month-long sobriety challenge that asks you to go completely sober for 30 days. 

You can either choose to stop drinking alcohol, or smoke weed and still partake in other drugs. 

This is an annual event hosted by Addiction Campuses, and participants include people who are trying to quit using substances, as well as those who have already achieved sobriety but want to rekindle the feeling of being sober for another month.

So why participate? For starters, it’s a great way to celebrate recovery! 

If you’re new to recovery or in the early stages of your journey, this may be an ideal opportunity for you since it will give you something exciting and motivating going on in your life during October

—not just Halloween candy bingeing! 

Another reason I love Sober October is that it provides me with a structure that helps me stay focused on my goals throughout the month; I’ve found myself less likely than usual during this period because I have something specific that requires my attention each day rather than just sitting around playing video games all day like usual.


Why is it important to change our relationship with alcohol?

Alcohol is a drug. It can be addictive, and it has the potential to seriously alter your mood, behavior, and health.

Your liver breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde (a toxic byproduct) and then into carbon dioxide and water. 

If you drink too much alcohol in one sitting, the liver can’t process it all at once—and what’s left is stored in your body’s tissues until the next time you drink more alcohol or eat food containing carbohydrates (such as pasta). 

When this happens several times a week or more over long periods, this results in fat being deposited around your vital organs such as the stomach area for men; hips for women; neck/face/upper chest area for both genders (known as visceral adiposity). 

This increases risk factors for heart disease/stroke because fat cells release pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines which increase inflammation throughout our bodies

—increasing systemic inflammation.


Why is Sober October an important exercise in a larger commitment to sobriety?

Sober October is a good way to start the conversation about your relationship with alcohol. It’s also an opportunity to begin making changes in your life that could help you live sober beyond October.

Sober October is not about going cold turkey and quitting entirely for one month. 

Instead, it’s about starting the conversation about why you drink and what role alcohol plays in your life

—and then taking steps toward making healthy changes that will help you live a long-term sober lifestyle.


How do we get started? Setting clear goals and expectations can be helpful

If you want to quit drinking and stop using alcohol, you need to set goals and expectations. You can do this by:

  • Deciding what your goal is (i.e., decide that you are going to stop drinking).
  • Setting a date on which you will quit drinking (i.e., October 1st).
  • Creating a plan of action for the first week of sobriety (i.e., create an action plan with your support system so that they are aware of your plans.)
  • Deciding what you will do instead of drinking (i.e., replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones—such as exercising or talking about your feelings).


Why is it important to do this with others? There are many benefits to being in a group dynamic

Living sober is not easy. It can be quite difficult. For many people, the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is to reach for a cup of coffee. 

Others will have a glass of wine or two before bedtime to help them relax and fall asleep faster.

It’s important to note that we are all different, so what works for one person may not work for another person; however, some universal tips can help you begin your journey toward sobriety:

  • Stay busy with activities outside of drinking/drug use
  • Eat healthy foods that don’t contain sugar or processed ingredients (especially if you suffer from diabetes)
  • Exercise regularly (walking counts!)

For some people who struggle with addiction, it may be helpful to seek out professional counseling through an organization like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).


How will I feel when the month of October is over? What does recovery look like for me after October 31st?

Once you’ve made it through October, you may wonder what happens next. Will your sober life be the same as it was before? What does recovery look like for me after October 31st?

It’s important to remember that recovery is a process and not an event. 

For some people, Sober October can be a wake-up call; for others, it might be another challenging month in which they need to find ways to stay sober despite temptations (and let’s face it—there are always going to be temptations).


Less alcohol means more time and energy for other activities

The first thing you’ll notice when you’re sober is that you’ll have more time and energy to spend on things that are important to you. 

You’ll no longer be wasting time recovering from a hangover, so you can start your day earlier and get more done.

That extra hour or two in the morning means that now you have time for breakfast with your family

—or for whatever else it is that makes them happy (and keeps them from wanting to cry when they look at their bank statements).

Since alcohol has been causing us problems in numerous ways throughout our lives, we often find ourselves with less money or free time than those who don’t drink as much as we do

—so this month of sobriety presents an opportunity for us to catch up!



Sober October is a great way to set off on a journey of recovery. It’s an opportunity to explore how we relate to alcohol and how our relationship with it might be affecting our lives. 

It’s also a way for us to connect with others who are going through similar experiences, find support, and learn together about recovery from alcohol abuse or addiction.


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